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We’ve selected alternative sports/fitness for you to have a go at

If you want to get fit this year, but don’t fancy the busy gym and can’t motivate yourself at home, then why not try an alternative fitness class? Most of us make new year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy, only to forget (or give up) by the end of January. That’s why we have found the best and most exciting exercise classes that will keep you engaged and hopefully committed, maybe for two months this time!



Trampoline fitness was devised with the aim of making fitness fun and with success, it’s becoming more and more popular. Health fanatics across the country are investing in mini trampolines for home fitness, whilst others joining jumping fitness classes. With 10 minutes of trampolining burning the same amount of calories as a 30 minute run, it’s proven a very effective method. Trampolining also increases your metabolism, improves your balance and strengthens your core, whilst improving your muscle strength, circulation and bone density. Improving weight loss three times faster than floor-based exercise, due to the added gravitational pull and g force, trampolining is fitness promising fun. With the rise in demand, there are now classes available in your local area. Boogie Bounce & Hiistep in Hillsborough, brings to you your complete exercise on a mini trampoline, choreographed to music. - Hillsborough


Pole dancing

Aerial Fitness is an amazing way to get fit, strong and body confident, whilst having fun. Pole dancing remains one of the newest and most surprising fitness trends; now building up for Olympic attention, it's even had the seal of approval from labelling it the 'It-Fitness Trend'. Classes include beginners levels or all abilities sessions, where you can learn new tricks and skills on the pole, having fun whilst you workout will make you forget it’s even exercise…. until the next day. As pole dancing is so popular, you have the luxury of class options: for a more central studio you can try Butterfly Fitness studio, found just off Ecclesall Road. However, Gravity Fitness is based in Hillsborough and provides tricks, dance and exotic focused classes in a supportive environment. – Ecclesall Road - Hillsborough



Barre is a new, unique form of exercise, that combines elements of ballet, pilates, dance and yoga. The barre assists and encourages strength and flexibility, focusing on exercising your lower body, glutes and legs. Classes are based around traditional ballet discipline, with the aim of toning, sculpting, lengthening, and strengthening the muscles. Box Barre, located on the upper end of Ecclesall Road, focuses on providing fitness as a lifestyle. This boutique gym offers Barre classes, amongst others, that promise to be dynamic, fun, high energy and perfect for you. Alternatively, Sheffield Pilates, situated just inside the city centre ring road, provides creative 60-minute ballet-inspired barre classes for all abilities, in safe and inclusive space for women. – Ring Road – Ecclesall Road



High Intensity Interval Training is perfect for all abilities and skill sets. Comprising of high intensity sets followed by short less intense recover periods, HIIT proves very successful by cutting down exercise time whilst increasing effort. As exhausting as it seems, this method is extremely simple and very applicable, working with any form of exercise/move, also easily achievable from home. Fitness studios across the country are holding popular HIIT classes that push you to prove yourself and your abilities. Hillsborough Leisure Centre holds 30 minute HIIT classes leaving you with better stamina, boosted metabolism and improved heart / lung function. Located next to Crookes Valley, Sheffield Sport brings you HIIT classes each week that combines resistance training with plyometric moves to improve your strength, power and durance. - Hillsborough - Crookes Valley


Arial Yoga

Incorporating a silk hammock, suspended from the ceiling, into more common yoga styles and moves, provides an engaging and interesting spin. Although traditional yoga classes are more authentic, if exercise (both mental and physical) is your goal, then arial yoga is perfect for you. Using the silks, you can find stability and safety in poses that you might shy away from on the mat, while also improving flexibility and range of motion. However, Aerial variations still challenge you by using muscles not frequently used in other forms of yoga, pulling your own bodyweight helps to build core and arm strength in every class. You can find fun yet meditative arial yoga classes at Rise, near Kelham Island, or alternatively at Soul Rise Studios, just off Abbeydale Road. - Kelham Island - Abbeydale Road




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