The Bears of Sheffield are here!

Posted by: Sam Pegg
The Bears of Sheffield are here! supporting image

We had the privilege of seeing the Bears of Sheffield standing tall together in their temporary home.

The bears stood together for one last time before they were released into the wild for everybody’s enjoyment.


It was an immediate excitement when walking into the warehouse as a burst of colour cutting through the grey tones of the building hit you. A vibrancy that will make the city stand out like no other.


Let’s be proud of a city filled with immense creativity and creatives. A design based from the sculpture of the bear in the bear pit at the Botanical Gardens by artist David Mayne. Mayne also designed these amazing bears that are ready to go out into the wilderness of Sheffield.


100 little bears decorated by school children of all ages from schools across the region and 60 large bears decorated by local and international artists, it has shown a great demonstration of community and togetherness. Each bear with a different background story to tell, all of which completely unique. From completely abstract designs to meticulous creations, each bear will give you a new sense of joy. 


Walking down row by row towered over by these beautiful bears brought so much happiness and we can’t wait for you to experience encountering each sculpture that has been brought to life. A trail has been perfectly curated for your enjoyment, and from today onwards you can take a stroll around all of the bears. 


The bears have been scattered around the city and today is the day to go and spot as many as you can. Merchandise is also available for purchase on their website link below, with paint your own bears, trail maps and more.

Money raised has been raised for The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Be intentional, you don’t want to miss out.

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