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Posted by: Sam Pegg
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We were given the opportunity to try out WaxWrap - does their food storage actually work?

Wax wraps are a crucial alternative to cling film and other bad for the environment food preserving packaging. Made from hard-wearing and durable beeswax it is designed to last.


Why not play an active part in the issues we have with plastic consumption by making that all important switch to WaxWrap. It is a sustainable and re-useable wrap designed to keep food fresh, without resorting to cling film that pollutes the waterways of the world and poisons our wild and marine life. It arrives in a handy bag, pre-cut sheets and on-a-roll format, creating a convenient and viable alternative to disposable cling film.


We decided to do a test to see whether it would preserve a slice of lemon for a longer (or the same) amount of time than clingfilm and the results were amazing! Not only did it last a chunk of time longer, the full user experience was eye-opening. We used the wraps for over two weeks to give you the most honest user experience review we could and we must say that it feels so much more fulfilling when using the wraps to know that you are playing that important part in the environmental issues we have. With WaxWrap you can add that luxury addition to your kitchen and to your daily tasks whilst saving money in the long run. We found that the process of using these wraps was enjoyable and made the time spent in the kitchen all the more fun. No more fiddling around with clingfilm (we all have that issue), with this product you can save time and energy whilst also saving the environment - what more could you want?


The wraps are very good quality and unlike any other food preserving packaging we had seen. The bright colours brighten up your fridge and kitchen and are the perfect alternative.

Beeswax is a much better source of material as it is great for the environment and sustainable whereas clingfilm is extremely poor for the environment. Make that important switch today!

WaxWrap contains organic certified ingredients and the production process behind these wonder wraps meets rigorous environmental and social standards, making them a safe and responsible choice for the home. In addition, the full range of products is approved by The Vegetarian Society. In contrast to cling film, WaxWrap is made from just four natural materials: organic cotton, organic Jojoba oil, pine resin and beeswax, allowing food to breathe the way nature intended. 


WaxWrap UK have a variety of products to choose from in different shapes and sizes. See below what is up for grabs:

WaxWrap is available in a range of five products: 

Waxed Cotton Food Rolls in a choice of three sizes:

o   Small: 20x120cm RRP £12

o   Medium: 30x150cm RRP £16

o   Large: 40x200cm RRP £20


Waxed Cotton Food Bags in a set of three, RRP £22.50 (Small 21x31cm, 

Medium 25x31cm, Large 32x31cm)


Waxed Cotton Food Wraps in a set of three, RRP £16 (Small 20x20cm, Medium 30x30cm, Large 40x40cm)


Simply rub the wax wrap between your hands, wrap around your food and then wash and re-use! The wax becomes stickier when rubbing so no tape or other fastening is required. You can use WaxWraps for more than a year if maintained properly which makes that slightly higher price tag a lot more worth it and even cheaper in the long run.

It only requires a small change to make such a big difference and WaxWrap UK have made that step in protecting the environment, so why can’t you make your step?


Visit their website for more information and purchase your WaxWrap now! 

WaxWrap can currently be purchased online at or via Planet Organic and Whole Foods Market.






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