Permanent Distraction Site Gallery Exhibition

Posted by: Sam Pegg
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‘Vibrant and soothing’ – our words to describe the incredible exhibition using colour and projections by Rafaël Rozendaal.

Permanent Distraction is a major solo exhibition from Rafaël Rozendaal, open 23 September - 23 December at Site Gallery. A free exhibition (booking is required) that we had the pleasure of seeing.


‘The exhibition presents the most extensive installation of Rozendaal’s websites series in a new immersive environment. Existing and newly produced websites have come together in a commissioned, site-specific installation. The websites are shown as twelve, floor to ceiling projections, filling the space with constantly generating abstract colour, movement and gesture.’


As you enter through the curtains into the spacious room, you are instantly hit by the sight of colour and light. You become immersed by floor to ceiling displays that are both vibrant and soothing. Sitting on one of the four benches in the middle of the room, you are belittled by the sheer size and reality of the projections. A series of ‘websites’ all showing the same light dance at the same time, an almost hypnotic show that sends you into a relaxed trans.

We had the pleasure of being in the room by ourselves and sitting there in the silence, only the sound of the projectors humming in the background which complimented the exhibition perfectly.


‘Permanent Distraction forces us to confront the slippage between our physical and digital realities, bringing bodies physically into the space of the internet. Rozendaal pushes us to think about physical interaction with the internet, confronting what we think of as real, and what IRL (in real life) means when we now spend so much of our lives online.’


If you are into art, colour and lighting or you’re ready to be amazed – this exhibition is for you. Take the time out of your day to stop, sit down and look at the special display that Rozendaal has provided us.


Book your tickets by following the link below:


1 Brown Street, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2BS




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