Five Easy Hobbies to Try at Home

Posted by: Claudia Downs
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Bored in the house? Here's five new hobbies you can easily take up at home - and local businesses who can help you get started.

Most of the country has been at home for weeks now, and once you've finished 'Tiger King' on Netflix, what do you do next? We've thought of a few cheap, easy-to-start hobbies, plus Sheffield-based inspiration and supplies so you can keep it local.



Even if you're not particularly green-thumbed, gardening is a relaxing and grounding activity, perfect for when the world feels a bit crazy. And thanks to the popularity of indoor plants, you can still enjoy working with nature even if you don't have a garden. If you're bored of succulents, why not try growing herbs or tomatoes on your windowsill, or tending to a more complex decorative plant like a bonsai tree?


Sadly, most garden centres are closed due to coronavirus, but a lot of hardware shops (counted as essential stores) are still open and have gardening sections, such as B&Q. You can even get herbs and seeds in some supermarkets.


Make it local: Division Street's glorious jungle Plantology are now offering delivery around Sheffield. They've got a wide selection of indoor plants plus beautiful floral arrangements. Valleyside Garden Centre are also offering deliveries on orders over £30 in S6, S10 and S11.


Not just for nannas, cross-stitching is a popular activity suited to all ages, that promotes relaxation and mindfulness. This simple form of embroidery is great for beginners and seasoned sewers alike. You don't need any elaborate tools to cross-stitch, just a simple kit with a needle, thread, canvas and pattern to follow. You can create beautiful artworks to decorate your home with or give as gifts.


You can get cross-stitch kits delivered from platforms like Amazon and Hobbycraft. You may also be able to find them in larger supermarkets with a hobbies section.


Make it local: Local artist Vicky Scott has a shop, Vickysworld on Etsy, that sells a variety of playful cross stitch patterns (including a pirate cat!) You can download them instantly as PDFs and get sewing! There's also the sister shop Yellow Birdie Stitches with even more options, such as bookmarks and cards.



All you need for this is some pens, pencils and paper, which most of us have at home already. Sheffield is home to some incredible artists and illustrators who can inspire you, such as Pete McKee, Kid Acne, Joe Scarborough, Phlegm, and more. Check out our recent interview with the local muralist Jo Peel, here, who painted the first of the Sheffield Bear sculptures. 


Why not try setting up still life scenes in your home and drawing them? This is a great activity to do both on your own, or with the family, and might lead to a newfound appreciation of your surroundings.


Make it local: The Art House, Sheffield has sadly had to close its doors for the time being...but they have got a fantastic Facebook group called The Big Art Lock In. On this group, you can share stories and creativity, and take part in daily creative challenges. Local artist Anna Massey also offers online courses and classes, with options to suit all budgets.



It can be hard to stay active and motivated during lockdown, especially if your usual workout is the gym or taking part in team sports. Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise that you can do at home, with very little equipment. All you need is a mat, or at a push, a blanket will do! There's endless tutorials on YouTube, from starter classes teaching you basic poses, to advanced classes to challenge the more experienced. As well as keeping you flexible and healthy, yoga is also great for relaxing your mind and can be combined with a guided meditation for a peaceful and reflective activity.


Make it local: Loads of yoga schools in Sheffield are offering online classes for new and exisiting members. There's Unity Yoga, Yoga Nature, the Sheffield Yoga School, and R1se Urban Yoga, to name a few!


Learn a skill with Sheffield Creative Guild

The Sheffield Creative Guild is is a not-for-profit membership collective for any individual, business or organisation working in the creative sector (and those who just want to create and have fun.) They are now offering exclusive video tutorials for members, by members - you can learn everything from how to live code, right through to making celebrities from vegetables, all from the comfort of your own home!


Individual membership starts at just £3.25 a month and is open to anyone with an interest in the arts and culture. Find out more and join here. Once you have joined, you can access the tutorials here.

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