Director Chris Morris to visit the Showroom for exclusive Q&A and film screening

The satire specialist is in town to promote his new film The Day Shall Come

The Showroom Cinema has announced it will be the only Sheffield cinema to welcome Director Chris Morris (Four Lions, Brass Eye, The Day Today) for a special in-person Q&A after a screening of his new film The Day Shall Come on Tuesday 29 October.  


Where most films originate from one true story, Morris’s new film is based on ‘a hundred true stories’ as he explores, in his signature pitch black satirical style, terrorism and manipulation.


This time Morris moves his focus from the grey palette of London (or as all good locals know more accurately - Sheffield) to Miami, a city where poverty is sitting uneasily alongside wealth and gentrification. There, Moses, a preacher and community leader rallies a small group of misfits to fight against racial inequality. But in a post-9/11 America, the FBI are on the hunt for potential threats and see an opportunity to exploit Moses’ unconventional dreams of a revolution.



At the core of the film lays Morris’s ever cynical and critical view of government and legal systems, he cites various ‘terrorist threats’ as the inspiration for the film, most notably the ‘Liberty City Seven’ – a group who were arrested in 2006 for planning to blow up the Sears Tower by launching a horse back lead attack, and subsequently causing the tower to collapse into the Chicago river – which would thus create a tidal wave and drown the city. It did not seem to matter that they had neither explosives nor horses.


Due to popular demand The Showroom Cinema has added an extra Q&A to Tuesday 29th October, with tickets available for 18:00 and 20:00. Tickets can be found at The Showroom’s website.

25/7/17 - 25/7/19 12 month blenheim

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