Bridesmaids Trends 2022

Posted by: Maria Iliffe
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It's all about individuality

Every year we see new bridal trends exploding into weddings across the country, whether it be dress styles, table décor or colour palettes. With ties and inspiration from the fashion industry, themes seen on the runway filter into weddings and bring trends for brides to adopt and re-work. With major emphasis in 2022 on individuality, weddings are predicted to become more unique and personal, in both style and design. Bridesmaid dresses were one of the first wedding elements to show individual’s style and creativity. Excitingly bringing more options for bridesmaids, in colour, style and fabric, 2022’s trends will leave you looking like the best version of yourself, instead of being one in a group dressed identically and traditionally.


Simple Sustainability 

With sustainability being implemented into every aspect of our society, we predicted weddings would be next. Although couples have held eco-friendly ceremonies for years prior, 2022 is forecast to see a whole lot more of sustainable weddings. One of the most environmentally impactful elements of a wedding, remains the one-time dresses worn by both bride and bridesmaids. Trending now more than ever, brides are choosing sustainable fabrics for their bridesmaid dresses; using vegan fabrics like linen, made from falx plant fibres and biodegradable for minimal environmental impact. Another conscious option would be to buy second-hand dresses, with many brands online offering pristine dresses worn once by a bridesmaid before. This means no new environmental issues can come as a result, leaving a clean conscience and beautiful dresses. 


Mix not Match 

Bringing your bridesmaid’s sense of identity into their dresses, could be the key to a beautifully personal wedding. Seen for years but trending now for 2022/2023 weddings, mix and match dresses are in! Giving your bridesmaids freedom to find their own dress, allows them to feel their most comfortable and confident to support you on your special day. However, the trick to styling the different dresses is cohesion. Following a colour pallet is strongly advised to ensure your bridesmaids match and using one colour or shades of one colour would work even better. Alternatively, the dresses would remain a beautiful variation if they were similar styles but with different necklines or length. However much freedom you choose to give your bridesmaids, remember that having one thing in common (colour, neckline, style or length) will tie the dresses beautifully and bring order to your potential mix and match madness. 


Bold is Better 

2022 epitomises colour, vibrancy and life! After years of covid negativity and neutral trends resembling our boredom, loud is back. Inspired by the return to normal life, 2022’s colour trend predictions show us a glimpse into the colourful year ahead. Pantone was one of the first to announce their colour of the year: Very Peri. The beautiful purple tone is welcomed to this year’s colour pallet, alongside moody blues and seasonal greens. Already being styled in homes and wardrobes, these bold colours are soon to be brought bridal. The perfect colour options for bridesmaid dresses, shades of green will look gorgeous for mix and match dresses, and if they’re sustainable, even better as the green will resemble this and tie in beautifully. Shades of blue and purple will match well together or can be brought in separately as block colour dresses that contrast the typical white/cream bridal wedding dresses. Regardless of which bold colours you chose to incorporate, if any, the option of joining this vibrant trend is there for inspiration. 


Perfect Prints 

Unsurprisingly, matching this year’s wave of creativity, prints have made a bridal comeback. With the fashion trend of individuality inspiring new prints and styles for a less basic and played out look, weddings are seeing the same pattern! Prints are being used to give a new and unique look for the bridal party, contrasting gorgeously with simple wedding dresses. Prints can be mixed and matched as suggested above, with a colour pallet to avoid clashing, or bridesmaid dresses can use the same print with different styles for inclusivity (with different fits catering to different body shapes). Prints allow a completely unique look, especially fitting for bridesmaid dresses, as they are rarely seen, prints automatically shout individuality. Especially when letting your bridesmaids choose, it’s very unlikely they will have been used the same in wedding before, meaning your style truly will be yours. 


Stop the Stereotypical 

With the fashion industry finally moving further and further away from stereotypical styles, fits and gendered clothing, women have more freedom in the styles they can wear. Of course, we have always had the option of wearing any clothes (regardless of the gender they were designed for) but this it’s hard to feel confident in outfits stereotyped for someone else. Now the world is becoming more progressive, society is helping women feel free in their choice of fit / style, allowing us to move away from the typical tight dress. The perfect example of this is seen in bridesmaids outfits, with the rise in searches for bridal jumpsuits and suits, it’s seeming finally more acceptable to feel comfortable in something other than a dress. These new styles are also perfect for individuality, if you’re wanting a trendy but unique wedding, with outfits specific to you, disregarding the standard dress is the easiest way to do so.





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