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Posted by: Ashley Birch
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Lucy Revis 'doodling' some bears

Are you going to love Thebearsthebears newest designs? Does a bear sh…

Four years ago Sheffield based musician Lucy Revis took a trip to Berlin. While she was there she met some street artists who took her under their wing, taking a liking to some weird doodles of bears she had in her notebook.


I’d never tried to draw - I’d stopped in Year 9.” Says Lucy: “I can’t draw, that’s the whole point. I do it all with my left hand and I’m right handed, that’s why it looks a bit crazy!”


Nevertheless, the Berlin based artists made up 400 screen prints for free and put them in their gallery, giving some to Lucy to sell back at home. These sold out quickly among her friends and Lucy used the seed money gained to get her first batch of t-shirts, and so, Thebearsthebears clothing label was born.

After initial success Lucy had to give it a rest for a while when the pressure of juggling being a session player for Reverend and the Makers, cellist in her own band Before Breakfast, and finding time to teach at a school in Chesterfield became too much.


Lucy said: “I completely stopped because I started doing loads of music. It got to the point where if there were eight days in the week I would have been working them, and so I put it on the back burner.”


That was until around two months ago when her best pal and former Crookes drummer Russell Bates asked to work with her in conjunction with his online vintage clothing company Hold West. “So Russell is my best pal.” Says Lucy: “He really wanted to work with someone who’s doing some new designs because he only does vintage. He now runs the organising side of things and I do the designing and social media, which means I can do both again.

The guys have rebranded some of the old stuff, as well as all new print designs and murals that Lucy is working on. “It’s too natural now.” Says Lucy: “I have to switch between hands, or sometimes I’ll do two at once just to mess my mind up.


“The reason I did the first one was because a friend of mine started a band. I think it was called The Little Bears Club, or something bear related, and they said you’re really crap at drawing do you want to do the cover like a child’s drawn it? I thought, well I’ll have a go!


“Because every single one of my friends can draw and I’m rubbish, I do stupid doodles, kind of taking the mick a little bit. I’d always put my pen in my left hand and put Lucy Revis aged 20, or whatever. So I thought, I’ll do the whole bear like that. Then they changed the name of the band, so they didn’t want a bear anymore! So I just had this notebook full of creepy as hell bears. It was all very bizarre!”

Those creepy little bears are now making a come back and prices have been reduced to £15 a t-shirt, as Lucy wants it to be more inclusive in the hopes that if a teen has 15 quid to spend they’ll spend it on a Bears t-shirt rather than at a chain.


Lucy said: “When Sheffield gets behind something it just feels like people are really committed to getting behind it. It’s really cool.”


If you want to get your claws on one check out the website here and keep your eyes peeled for all new designs.


You can also see Lucy perform with her band Before Breakfast at Festival of Debate’s Closing Party featuring Helen Pankhurts and Hollie McNish.

25/7/17 - 25/7/19 12 month blenheim

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