Tickets for Good show huge potential for improving mental well-being in Sheffield

Tickets for Good show huge potential for improving mental well-being in Sheffield supporting image

The Sheffield-based organisation’s online ticket donation service, Ticket Bank, has donated over 1,500 event tickets

Last year, Tickets for Good launched their online ticket donation platform, Ticket Bank, allowing event organisers to pledge spare tickets to be distributed for free in partnership with charities and local community groups.


The Sheffield organisation’s aim was to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people while also increasing social inclusion and audience diversity at events. It also aims to support community participation through access to events.



So far, they have donated over 1,500 tickets to individuals through various charity and social inclusion organisations, helping tackle mental health and wellbeing issues head-on.


A ticket recipient said: “I wouldn’t have been able to afford the tickets so being able to go gave me something to look forward to. I didn’t feel excluded just because of my financial situation.”


A staff member who supported attendance added: “It was fantastic to give young people the opportunity to access a great event and I believe it really meant a lot to them. The joy and excitement before and after the event was evident.”

For many people, the mental health benefits of attending events might be obvious but now Tickets for Good have commissioned LifePsychol Ltd. to conduct research into how offering the community free tickets would have a positive effect on mental well-being.


This is a highly unique area of research and ties into a global movement where mental health and wellbeing are becoming highly valued.


An example of this trend can be found in New Zealand where, last year, they became the first country to measure success in terms of mental health instead of GDP or other more traditional indicators. 

LifePsychol Ltd. designed three questionnaires for ticket recipients to complete. Each questionnaire includes general questions about mental health and wellbeing. From this data they are able to quantify the mental health needs of respondents and then make comparisons against three time points; before they know about the event, once they’ve received a ticket  and after attending an event.


The pilot has highlighted the positive impact that receiving events tickets through Tickets for Good can have on mental health and wellbeing, finding clear improvements in the classifications on a standardised measure of mental health and wellbeing, indicating that both the anticipation of attending, as well as the event itself, had positive impacts on depression, anxiety, and stress. 


Qualitative feedback, like the ticket recipient’s above, mirrored this, with recipients indicating they felt more confident, had more to look forward to, and had more positive memories in anticipation of, and following, the event.


Dr Miriam Silver, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Children and Parenting) and Clinical Director at LifePsychol Ltd. said: "It is a great pleasure to collaborate with Tickets for Good, evaluating the mental health impact of receiving tickets to gigs and events on individuals from vulnerable and excluded population groups.


“The pilot showed encouraging results, and we hope that when we have data from a larger number of ticket recipients we can understand whether and how this impacts on their mood, view of the future, and perception of belonging, which are critical variables in our health and wellbeing."


The next step will be to roll out formal evaluation which will include a much bigger sample and more useful data. The results of that study will be released next year.

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