The VIBE Guide to a Lockdown Pub Quiz

Posted by: Claudia Downs
The VIBE Guide to a Lockdown Pub Quiz supporting image

Round up your mates, get a video chat going, and test your knowledge...

The Lockdown Pub Quiz has become the unlikely hero of 2020, with friends all over the country (and even the world) logging onto video chats to quiz each other. Here's VIBE's top tips to be the virtual host with the most...


Variety is key

We all know the standard pub quiz rounds; sport, music, geography, general knowledge. Now's your chance to do away with all that, and make a pub quiz with weird and wonderful rounds.


Here's just a few we've encountered on our pub quizzes:


  •  Famous advertising slogans - what brand are they from?

  • Name the badly described film - e.g. 'widowed father teams up with an amnesiac to find his missing son' (Finding Nemo!)

  • Facts about dogs - e.g. what is the smartest breed?

  • The Sheffield round - questions all about our city

  • 'Whodunnit' - with outrageous celebrity moments

  • Soundtracks - listen to a song, and name the iconic film it appeared in

  • Tourist attractions - name the most visited attraction in cities around the world

  • Picture rounds - can you name all these Muppets/weird fruits/close-up objects?

  • Who said it - you could use famous quotes, or daft things your friends have said!


Make it a theme night

Combine your quiz with food, drinks, and even costumes if you want to go all out! You could have a pizza and wine night, or a beach party with themed cocktails and Hawaiian shirts. If you prefer something a little more quaint, you could combine your quiz with an afternoon tea and eat cake together.

Support a charity

Make it a feel-good quiz and give something back by fundraising for a charity. You could set up a JustGiving page and charge a small entry fee (maybe £5 or £10) to join in. Alternatively, you could work the fundraising into your quiz; maybe a 20p or 50p charge for every wrong answer, which your guests donate at the end.

If you do decide to fundraise with your quiz, why not support a local charity? There are loads of great causes in Sheffield: Roundabout, St Luke’s Hospice, Cavendish Cancer Care, Support Dogs, Bluebell Wood, Weston Park, Snowdrop, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, or the Sheffield Cats Shelter (to name a few!)


Raise the stakes

In a normal pub quiz, you might win a bar tab or a keg of beer. A good prize keeps things competitive and adds to the fun. How can you do this when you’re all separated at home?


An easy way to include a prize in your quiz is for everyone to chip in a little bit of money to the quiz master (even just a couple of pounds), who then purchases a virtual prize. A gift voucher for a cafe, brewery or online shop is perfect for this - and a great way to support a local business, too. Check out the This Is Sheffield coronavirus directory for a list of businesses selling gift vouchers.

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