Magid weighs in on Brexit ‘sh**storm’

Posted by: Ashley Birch
Magid weighs in on Brexit ‘sh**storm’ supporting image

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The Lord Mayor of Sheffield has called for a second, People’s referendum

Sheffield’s Lord Mayor Magid Magid has taken to Facebook to voice his concerns over Brexit in a lengthy tirade, calling Brexit a sh**storm and callin to #FlushBrexshit.


The post is accompanied by a picture of Magid dressed in a blue beret, multi-coloured docs and sporting a ‘Hard or soft, it’s still shit’ t-shirt, crouching next to pile of toilet rolls.



The rant skewers everyone from the DUP, Boris, Rees-Mogg and the ERG to Cameron and Blair and their various contributions to the Brexit negotiation fiasco, as we head ever nearer to a ‘no deal Brexit.


The full statement reads:


“Regardless of how you cast your ballot in 2016, nobody voted for this shitshow.


“The gulf between what was promised and what is being delivered widens by the day. When the continued ineptitude of our elected representatives - placing power, party and personal interests over country - means inevitable harm, we, the people, must step in to clear this mess.


“Let us #FlushBrexshit ????????


“There’s no plan for ?29th March - just 3 years worth of accumulated filth that has clogged the sewers of Parliament and overflown into wider society, inflicting further uncertainty, tensions and discord, and threatening to compound and entrench the miserable impacts of austerity for generations to come.


“Theresa May may be struggling to sleep at night in Number 10 from the guilt of her own conscience and with DUP monsters under the bed, but it's Boris, Rees-Mogg and the ERG disaster capitalists who are the principal directors of this relentlessly painful pantomime - a drama very much at our expense.


“It was their stinking pack of lies, manufactured to feed off many legitimate concerns - primarily brought about through failing Tory policy - to serve their own sick dreams of a post-Brexit billionaire tax haven with weakened workers’ rights, no environmental protection and increased social inequality.


“They are willing to plummet our country and its people into economic collapse and social anarchy through a No Deal, to serve their own narcissism and bank balances. Remember, it was the inflamed ego of a Tory in Dodgy Dave, famously pledging stability and cowing to the hard-right of his party, that got us the referendum. Tory vanity has been an overarching theme throughout.


“And to my friends, there’s no left-wing argument for Brexit. A ‘jobs-first Brexit’ is a cowardly fabrication. You can’t polish a turd. If your ‘socialism’ is not deeply grounded in internationalism, if you are willing to concede on freedom of movement as a dishonest scapegoat for our people’s material difficulties, then maybe you aren’t as progressive as you think.


“I'm a proud remainer. Like many, however, I recognise the indisputable reality that the EU needs serious reform. We need to lead the efforts. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to tragedy after preventable tragedy in the mediterranean - where the door is despicably slammed firmly shut in the faces of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers who are forced to flee their homes and are desperate for safety. The fortress Europe mentality has to go.


“With the accelerated collapse of the neoliberal order, a global climate crisis and with the rise of the far-right across Europe, we can’t abdicate our responsibility to the world. We must stand alongside our European friends - for we can only truly overcome the urgent and pressing hurdles of the 21st century working together.


“The repercussions of inaction are too severe and cannot be risked. One way or another, it must come back to us, the people. Whether or not there is a General Election, there must be a People’s Vote for the final say, for which we'll ensure that there is a proud, bold and informed voice to stay and fight for change within the EU.


“We don’t need warmongers like Blair, or unreasonably affluent Davos elites to show us the way. We are under no illusions that things need to change, and drastically - but at the expense of the billionaire elite and not us, and not the environment. It has become clear that Brexit, in any form, promises the reverse.


“Honestly - this is a massive shitstorm. But we owe it to ourselves, to our young and to future generations to not let this be a disaster. Parliament stands arrogant and clueless. But we’ve now seen enough, and know enough, to act in our own collective interests. So I say it’s time to go back to the people so we can dispose of this mess once and for all.


“Let us #FlushBrexshit”

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