Magid hoping to stand for Greens in EU elections

Posted by: Ashley Birch
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The outgoing Lord Mayor of Sheffield is standing to become the lead candidate in the upcoming EU elections

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid is standing to be the lead candidate for the Green Party in the upcoming EU electrions, and he’s asking for all Green Party members to vote for him as their first preference, when the voting opens tomorrow (10 April).


Standing on a platform promising to revoke Article 50 by means of a People’s Vote, the outspoken Lord Mayor is hoping to become MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber to challenge the status quo in Europe and find solutions to ‘impending climate catastrophe’.


In a statement posted on Facebook today, he said it was the results of the 2014 European elections that motivated him to act out politically, against the ‘fear-mongering anti-immigration propaganda.’



Magid said: It was the rise of UKIP in the 2014 European elections and their fear-mongering anti-immigration propaganda that spurred me on to get politically involved. 5 years on, the landscape in the UK and across Europe is dire; the far-right, more barbaric by the day, freely parade streets throughout the western world and foster hatred within our communities.


“The dog-whistle rhetoric surrounding Brexit, trumpeted by self-serving politicians playing party-politics and sustained by the obliging right-wing media, has enabled a rise in racism and xenophobia. Our people have been lied to and divided. There is no form of Brexit that can meet all the false promises in the last referendum. Democracy is not static and a People’s Vote with the courageous revocation of Article 50 are essential and necessary steps towards healing the wounds in our society.


“A decade of Tory austerity, not the EU, is responsible for the inequality that plagues our country. We must make the case against free-market capitalism in Europe - the status quo has failed everyday people. The EU is not a haven of progressive ideas, it is run in the interests of the establishment. We must do more to challenge this. We must be more radical in our solutions to impending climate catastrophe and we must have more humanity in our attitude towards refugees and migration. We can only truly fight those struggles together, by building bridges, sharing ideas and learning from one another. We can only succeed when we think beyond borders and embrace internationalism.


“Inspired by the simple philosophy of doing things differently, I’ve encouraged greater youth participation in politics, and brought local, national and international engagement during my years as Hull University President, a local Councillor and Lord Mayor of Sheffield. I’ve used each platform to draw awareness to important causes and bring people together in a world that’s trying to drive us apart.


“As well as being a voice and a champion for all of Yorkshire and The Humber, I want to be an advocate for all young people across our region, to validate their belief in Europe as a collective hope for something better and to empower them to make changes in their own communities; to think beyond borders and participate in international struggles such as climate catastrophe and the rise of the far-right. At a time when young people are politically engaged, we need to present MEP candidates who look and sound like them, and who truly understand and speak for them. We must have the courage to do politics differently - people don’t want more of the same old failing way of doing things.


“As an outspoken working-class black Muslim refugee millennial, I know I may not be the usual candidate, I get that - but I believe I have collected more than enough effective representation and leadership experience, and have what it takes to put together a galvanizing campaign that leads with compassion and with hope, which will be part of the national antidote to the campaigns of fear, hate and division that we will inevitably see in the European elections.


“We have such an amazing opportunity to elect our first Green MEP in ‘Yorkshire & The Humber’. To do that we have to reinvigorate the political landscape in our region and beyond. We have to reach out to a broader audience than ever before, to a deeper pool of the disillusioned electorate and cohorts of first-time voters. We have to mobilise support beyond our traditional base while staying true to the values that underpin our cause. And I believe I have shown I can do that. However, I cannot do this alone and need your support - only together, as a collective movement, can we win.”

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