Sheffield Plate / Liquor Lab review

Posted by: Sam Pegg & Evie Shaw, aka @thegintraveller__
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Sam Pegg and Evie Shaw, aka @thegintraveller__, review their experiences of Sheffield Plate and Liquor Lab

Sheffield Plate has been an addition to the city centre that many people were longing for and what better place for a location than Orchard Square. If you don’t already know, Sheffield Plate is a street food dining experience with 6 street food vendors from around the world and two different bars to serve drinks - it really is the perfect fit to the city centre.

I’ve been so excited for Sheffield Plate to open, I was invited to the launch night but due to being on holiday I wasn’t able to attend. I was really pleased when I got a free afternoon at the weekend to check out Sheffield Plate and see what it had to offer.


The bar in the Sheffield plate is called Liquor Lab which is located downstairs. It has a great atmoshpere, we went early evening and it was full of people with a chilled laidback kind of vibe, the place had plenty of benches in which you’re able to help yourself to a seat and order at the bar.


I was pleasantly surprised with how huge the menu was, especially as it had just opened. I was spoilt for choice but in the end I went for the Strawberry Bon Bon Sour, it had such a sweet taste which really was my cup of tea especially being such a sweet lover.


The aromas when you enter into Sheffield Plate were incredible, instantly hit by the sweet smell of food from around the globe. The atmosphere upstairs was lively with a filled out room even on a Thursday lunchtime, music playing in the background for your pleasure and the opportunity to people watch out of the wall of windows is of course all the more enjoyable. The ambience was lovely with festoon lights lined across the room along with ivy and of course the vendors themselves.


After being almost stuck for choice we ordered a Patoo Thai and a Red Curry with chicken from Thai Kitchen. Due to the busyness it did take some time for the food to be delivered to our tables but after ordering and paying on the app, the ease outweighed the waiting time. That being said the wait was definitely worth it, all of the flavours married together beautifully with the usage of fresh vegetables and a mixture of spices that went perfectly.


It has to be said that with the range of dishes you can order from each of the street food vendors, there’s something for everybody – from Thai food to chicken wings. It is also great that you can order from the bars downstairs, so if you fancy an alcoholic drink with your meal then there is a vast selection for you there as well.


All in all we were both very impressed with the quality of food, drinks and service that was provided but above all else it is so lovely to see a community of food lovers coming together in the heart of the city centre.





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