Meet The Gin Designed To Be Drunk As A Shot

Posted by: Sam Pegg
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WATTSHOT Gin is the first gin specifically designed to be drunk as a shot

Disruptive and different, WATTSHOT combines a scientific approach with all-natural ingredients - a unique mix of eight rooted botanicals and cherry juice. Developed over nine years by master taste-maker Stuart Logan, the multi-award-winning taste sensation has been carefully engineered to leave an electric tingle and lasting effect in the mouth. This is a sophisticated shot, set to become the drink of choice for refined revellers looking to kickstart their night out, or carry on until the sun comes up. With a raft of awards from the World Gin Awards, the People’s Choice Spirits Award, The Spirits Business and more, WATTSHOT is changing the rules when it comes to drinking gin. Available now from from £29.95. 


Most people have been in a bar or club, dancing and enjoying the night, when a friend arrives with a round of shots. Usually, it’s tequila, vodka, whisky or perhaps a hangover-inducing Jagerbomb. These rounds of shots are rarely an enjoyable experience - more an act of attrition as the night goes on. WATTSHOT reimagines the concept of shots, delivering an easy-to-drink, enjoyable gin that makes sense as soon as it goes from liquid to lips. Once that tingle hits there’s no going back.


WATTSHOT grew from founder Stuart Logan’s passion for flavours and gin, and a desire to do something different in an overcrowded and predictable market. He looked at the science, understanding that the addition of a bitter tonic is usually required to give gin a palatable flavour - the two drinks have compatible molecules that create a new taste when combined. In WATTSHOT he imbued the gin itself with compatible molecules through the added flavours, allowing a smooth, full-bodied taste without the need for a mixer. Add in the sweet cherry blossom aroma and the tingling sensation and it’s clear WATTSHOT stands in its own brand new drinks category.


“It took a long time to develop WATTSHOT,” said Stuart Logan. “It’s a new concept and I had to get the flavours and the sensation exactly right. I’m confident this will change the way people think about drinking gin. Feedback from our soft launch has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m now very excited to get this drink, and experience, out to the wider world. I also have plans to increase the WATTSHOT range beyond gin, so watch this space!”


For the herbal flavour, Stuart looked specifically for rooted botanicals with floral notes and combined them with cherry juice, while uniquely balancing all-natural sugars, amino acids, salts, alkaloids and acids - the key factors that determine taste. This creates the standalone flavours, but also provides a versatile drink that is equally as enjoyable over ice, added to tonic, or mixed into a cocktail if it suits the occasion.


The first time someone drinks WATTSHOT there is always an initial and pleasant surprise. The taste expectation is based on previous experiences of drinking gin. WATTSHOT is on a mission to break down this barrier one tasteful shot at a time. 




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