Dish of the month - Raspberry Soufflé

Posted by: Sam Pegg
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Indulge your sweet tooth this month with this delicious raspberry soufflé

The sharp raspberries add extra zing to this indulgent dessert that is just perfect for summer.

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20g unsalted butter, melted

8 fresh raspberries

40ml Framboise or Cassis

165ml raspberry puree, sieved

5g cornflour

100g caster sugar

35ml water

4 egg whites

Icing sugar



1. Preheat oven to 200ºC.

2. Thoroughly grease four soufflé dishes, measuring 7.5cm wide and 6.25cm deep, with the melted butter. Allow the butter to set and coat the dishes again.

3. Wash the bowl and whisk of your mixer in hot soapy water and dry with paper towel, ensure you keep them free from any grease.

4. Marinate the fresh raspberries in the Framboise.


For the Soufflé base

1. Make a raspberry reduction by placing the sieved puree in a pan and reducing by half. 

2. Dissolve the cornflour in 10ml of the Framboise and add this to the reduced puree. Stir and cook until thickened then remove from the heat.

3. Mix 30g of the sugar with the 35ml of water and boil to 120ºC.

4. Add to the raspberry puree, mix in well and leave to cool.

5. Put the egg whites into the bowl of your mixer and whisk as they begin to take shape gradually add the remaining sugar and whisk to stiff peaks.

6. Put the cooled raspberry reduction in a round bowl and whisk in a third of the whisked egg whites to loosen it. Then fold in the remaining whites carefully.


To cook the Soufflé

1. Half fill the soufflé dishes with the mixture, then place two drained marinated raspberries in the centre. Fill to the top with the mixture, then scrape off with a palette knife. Run your finger around the edge to push the mixture away from the sides. 

2. Put the four soufflés on a tray and place in the oven for 10-12 minutes.


To serve

1. Quickly dust with icing sugar and put a raspberry on top, serve the raspberry coulis on the side. Serve immediately.





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