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Discover the secrets of oriental cuisine at St Paul Place's restaurant and food market

Originally opened as a premium artisan oriental food market in September 2015, OISOI has been somewhat of a hidden gem on Sheffield's dining scene, until now.


The St Paul's Place restaurant now boasts a stunning interior, fabulous menu, and from the rave reviews we've been hearing, some of the best cocktails in the city. OISOI is on a mission to revolutionise the way we view and enjoy Oriental cooking in Sheffield.


Store Design

The surroundings, designed by Italian company Schweitzer Projects, are so impressive that OISOI was nominated as the Best Interior at the Retail Week Interiors Awards in 2016. Simple yet stylish, the interior was created by the same company who designed shop fittings for the likes of Harrods and Waitrose’s flagship store at Canary Wharf in London.


It’s not just the modern lighting and upholstered chairs that make the restaurant stylish, even the crockery has been carefully selected and patented by OISOI as to the OISOI dining experience and standards.

OISOI Sheffield interior


OISOI Oriental Cuisine

Moving onto the food, fresh ingredients and a comprehensive range of choices are key. In OISOI, you will be able to eat and taste the most original style of Oriental cuisine with thoughtfully selected ingredients. If you are a seafood lover, you won’t be disappointed. Their signature dishes include lobster curry and lobster noodles.


“We emphasise the importance of fresh ingredients,” says owner and founder Mr Wang. “All our ingredients are air shipped from Korea to Sheffield weekly by the award-winning artisan Kimchee maker, Mrs Park Kwang Hee.


“We call her The Kimchee Mama. She's been awarded by UNESCO the Intangible Cultural Heritage Award. Meanwhile, our South East Asian curries are allprepared and handmade in-house by our head chef Mr Wayson Ang. He grew up in Malaysia and has brought his most authentic flavours to Sheffield with his interpretation.


“It is also important that we fully train our staff so they are knowledgeable and able to appreciate the dedication that goes in and the story of our food.” 

OISOI food 

OISOI Tea & Patisseries

OISOI has its own approach when it comes to tea and patisseries. Just like how we usually our afternoon tea with small bites and English breakfast tea, or Japanese style with matcha tea and wagashi caskets, OISOI has an in-house patisserie and their desserts are every bit as delectable.


Every cake and dessert is handmade in-store and created from premium flours and chocolates – and unbelievably, they are all purposely designed and created with reduced sugar content, in combination with their thoughtfully sourced premium artisan yoshan oolong tea from Taiwan.


Yoshan tea has been an artisan family tea grower and maker in Taiwan since 1868. They are now in their sixth generation of producing only hand-picked and fermented oolong tea leaves. Many types and flavours of the loose tea can be found in OISOI – and this is the only place you will be able to find this premium oolong tea in the UK.

OISOI Sheffield desserts


OISOI Grand Bar

When it comes to drinks, OISOIhas a very different approach to creating their own standards. OISOI's grand Oriental cocktail bar do not follow standard commercial recipes. They require their bartenders to understand and appreciate the flavours of each spirit that OISOI uses for their own creations of Oriental themed cocktails.


It is vitally important to understand how to balance flavours to deliver a sophisticated and exotic cocktail with only fresh ingredients and garnishes.


They also stock a wide range of purposely selected wines, champagnes and proseccos to match their high standard of food, that won’t break the bank.


Open every day from 11.30am, you can relax and have a mid-morning spot of tea or opt for something stronger with a hearty and healthy lunch.


OISOI is quickly building a strong reputation in Sheffield and Mr Wang has ambitious plans for the future of the company. 


“Sheffield is a great city and has recently embraced a lot of change,” he says. “OISOI is one of the single largest investments to be carried out in the history of the city for a restaurant.


“There are so many franchises in Sheffield, I’m proud to have an independent business. We are planning to open two more branches with completely different offerings in Sheffield before expanding to other cities.”


Look out for the launch of OISOI's brand new menu, as well as their gorgeous new crockery, this July. As their core value and vision, OISOI never stops and strives to provide a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience that is beyond your expectations.


Find out more on the OISOI website.

OISOI Sheffield bar

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