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Black Bull

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Stephanie Burns broke with tradition and sampled the classic Sunday roast... a few days early.

Stephanie Burns broke with tradition and sampled the classic Sunday roast... a few days early.

Among the plethora of traditional-style pubs that are dotted around the region, it’s difficult to pick out defining features that make each one unique.

But the Black Bull at Aughton doesn’t have this problem, and stands out from the crowd with its seven-day carvery. In this establishment the perennial favourite of a Sunday roast is freed from its Sabbath restraints to feed the meat, veg and potatoes crowd who come from far and wide to enjoy it.
So it was on one Friday lunchtime – never before had I experienced a roast on this day of the week – that my companion and I sampled the Black Bull‘s offerings. Immediately greeted with the cheery smile and welcoming chat of Teresa Smith behind the bar, we felt at home and couldn’t wait to see the menu.
While the carvery is, of course, not the only item on the list, myself and my dining partner both decided to give it a go but in slightly different ways. I opted for the full deal – a carvery dinner with complimentary starter or dessert (pud being my second course of choice) – while across the table a carvery baguette was the chosen lunch.
As I approached the carvery table, with chef Mark Bownes ready to carve, I was bowled over by the choice of quality dishes and everything looked incredibly appetising. He sliced me some beef and turkey and popped a stuffing ball on the plate then allowed me to serve as many vegetables, potatoes and servings of gravy as I could manage.
My partner’s gammon baguette, complete with roasties and gravy, was a more condensed version of my overflowing plate and looked equally as tasty.
When the time came to choose a dessert we were faced with every type of sponge known to man, as well as a number of other traditional, homemade puddings, any of which would be the perfect finish to our meal. After much deliberation we selected the ginger sponge and custard to share (having come very close to being defeated by the abundant mains) and both tucked in with pleasure.
While pub favourites such as fish and chips or a juicy burger may satisfy many, I urge you to take a break from the norm and try the Black Bull’s fantastic carvery, on any day of the week you please.

Black Bull
29 Main Street, Aughton, S26 3XH
Tel: 0114 287 1020