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Lalezar, Laith Gate, Doncaster

Lalezar, Laith Gate, Doncaster  supporting image

Top-quality authentic Turkish cuisine

I have only ever been to Turkey once – Marmaris to be exact. It was the summer of 2013, and a glorious trip of many firsts: the first summer holiday with my partner, the one (and only) time I would wallow in a mud bath or take a dip in a sulphur pool (phwoar!), and lastly, but most importantly, my first proper taste of Middle Eastern cuisine.


Since then, my love of hummus, flatbreads and koftas has only intensified, and if – like me – you are partial to such delights, it’s great to know there’s a place in Doncaster we can go to get our fix.


Lalezar has been serving up top-quality Turkish dishes since opening its doors to eager customers two years ago and, judging by the packed-out venue when we arrived early one Friday evening, it’s proving extremely popular.


The menu is extensive and varied, which made choosing what to have no easy feat, but the hot mixed meze provided the ideal solution. With generous slices of savoury halloumi, Turkish sausage, and falafel, and rings of crisp calamari, it offered a selection of the best, and we savoured every last bite. 


While my partner couldn’t resist the mixed kebab, on the recommendation of owner Metin Koca I opted for the Levrek Izgara: a marinated sea bass barbequed on the charcoal grill. The impressive fish was a real treat; crisp skin and meaty flesh flavoured with that distinctive smoky barbeque flavour, which can only be achieved by hot coals.


In true carnivore style, my partner was digging into his meat feast – an exciting medley of cop shish, Adana kebab, chicken shish, spare ribs and, a special mention must be given to the flavour-packed lamb chops, which were truly sensational.  In keeping with the theme, a refreshing pint of Effes proved the perfect accompaniment for both of us.


No matter how big the feast, I always make room for baklava, which I was thrilled to find on Lalezar’s dessert menu. A dish of four perfectly formed parcels of crisp filo pastry, layered with crushed walnuts and soaked in honey, was the perfect way to end an all-round excellent meal. With relaxed surroundings, friendly service, top Turkish cuisine – and not a mud bath or sulphur pool in sight – it won’t be long before I make a return visit.


Lalezar, 78-80 E Laith Gate, Doncaster, DN1 1JD

Tell: 01302 215770