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The Greedy Greek Deli, Sharrow Vale Road, Hunters Bar, Sheffield

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   The Greedy Greek Deli, Sharrow Vale Road, Hunters Bar, Sheffield supporting image

Takeaway or eat in, the Greedy Greek is a taste of the Aegean at Hunters Bar

If you thought The Greedy Greek Deli was just for takeaway, you’d be mistaken. OK, so most of their menu – from gyros to Greek salads and more – is available to take home and with tie-ins to Just-Eat, Hungry House as well their own app, their tasty, authentic food is only a click away. But if you haven’t dined in – or outside for the matter, weather permitting – you’re missing out.


The Greedy Greek Deli, owned by the Mouzakis, has been a part of Sharrow Vale Road for almost 15 years and has continued to grow and evolve into more than just a deli. The constant turnover of customers gives the place a constant buzz, whether you’re dining in the downstairs café-style area or in the classier, upstairs dining room. And with the smell of grilled meat in the air it does feel you could be half a world away in a taverna overlooking the Aegean.


The menu is extensive but service is quick, meaning you don’t have to wait too long to have a plate of fresh, homemade food sitting in front of you. Everyone is catered for, including children with a good selection of smaller plates (£5.20 each). My two tucked into chicken skewers (him) and spit roast pork (her) and loved every bit.


With so much to choose from, my wife and I needed a little nudge in the right direction and appetisers of pitted kalamata olives (£4.10), fried halloumi cheese (£5.60) and Spanakotyropita (£5.30), a type of feta and spinach samosa, gave us plenty of food for thought.


For mains, my Greek chorizo and chicken wrap, served in a pitta bread with mixed salad, tzatziki and strofilia dip (£7.45), and with some extra spit roast pork thrown in for good measure, was substantial to say the least. The Greedy Greek Deli clearly don’t believe in small portions.


My wife, meanwhile, tucked into a tomato stuffed with beef mince, rice and feta (£5.20) and stuffed aubergines (£5.20). Wholesome and delicious, the latter was definitely the stand-out of the two. Greek lemon potatoes (£4.60) provided a citrusy contrast.


Drinks are mainly of the soft variety; we shared apple, orange and blood orange varieties (£2.50 each) but the deli operates a ‘bring your own’ policy should you prefer something a bit stronger.


Don’t expect to make an evening of it; the service is prompt and the portions are big but my goodness they’re tasty. If, like us, you’ve had more than your fill and can’t make room for dessert, you can take advantage of the fact that it’s a deli and take it home with you. We enjoyed some deliciously sweet baklava (£5.10) the next day with a strong cup of coffee and were all the better for it.


The Greedy Greek Deli, 418-420 Sharrow Vale Road, Hunters Bar, Sheffield, S11 8ZP. Tel: 0114 266 7719