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Put your gut first

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How looking after my gut health changed my overall health.

After 30 years of working in Occupational Health, I have learned something new… how critical our gut health is to our overall health… and to be honest, it’s transformed my health.

I’m Catherine Darcy-Jones, a nurse by training and wellbeing is something I am passionate about I have always been fit, I exercise regularly, and I have a healthy diet.

I am 51, and oh boy has the menopause hit me like a brick! Mood swings, sleep deprivation, unbearable hot flushes and my energy has just been zapped. I had tried supplements, but I was still looking for a natural solution that worked for me.

I recently reconnected with an old colleague and she invited me to one of her talks on gut health. It was fascinating. I learnt that:
• 100 trillion bacteria, viruses and fungi live in and on us
• Most live in our guts, known as our gut microbiome and it weights up to 3-4 pounds (1.3-1.8 kg)
• A healthy, nourished, and diverse gut microbiome is critical to our health.

Did you know that 95 per cent of serotonin, nature’s very own anti-depressant or the “happy hormone” is produced in our guts? So, if you suffer with depression or low mood, start thinking about gut health.

A healthy gut produces vital vitamins, regulates hormones, educates our immune system and helps us fight disease. I also learnt that our modern, Western way of living, is slowly killing the health and diversity of our gut microbiome. That lack of diversity is now linked to:
• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Autoimmune diseases.

So back to my menopause symptoms. It turns out that oestrogen and progesterone levels affect hormone receptors in our guts, which in turn impact how our guts work and a drop in hormone levels can potentially change our gut microbiome.

To ease my menopause issues, I decided to give gut health a try and signed up for Synergy Worldwide’s 21-day Gut Reset Programme. The programme has three phases; first you prepare the body, take one supplement, and reduce food/drink that is not beneficial for good microbes. In the second phase you purify your gut microbiome – the most intensive part – where two meals are replaced with shakes, supplements are packed with prebiotics, probiotics and essential nutrients, all of which are organic and specifically formulated for gut health. You add one healthy meal plan, and you are provided with a great range of delicious gut-friendly recipes. The third phase provides you with the tools to follow-on and continue the process of re-balancing your gut health.

I was part of a private group on Facebook and supported throughout with daily messages. So, what did my gut reset do for me?
• Sleep improved in the first week
• Re-energised by day 12.
• Hot flushes reduced – from around ten per day to just one per day.

I have been overwhelmed with how much better I feel. I feel rested and have more energy. I cannot believe the compliments that I’ve been getting on how I look. Best of all my hot flushes have reduced.

Gut health does not just apply to women during menopause. If you have put on weight during lockdown, if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic and need to lose weight, if you are suffering with depression or low in mood, if you are suffering with bloating or bowel problems… or if you are looking to strengthen your immune system, improve your energy and just generally feel well, why don’t you start prioritising your gut health. You will reap the benefits.

It was Lisa Allan who educated me on gut health. She regularly does free gut health talks via Zoom and regularly supports groups through the 21-day Gut Reset Programme. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Go on, get in touch with Lisa and put your gut first!

To find our more, email lisa@healthopportunity.co.uk or scan the QR code below.

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