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G&M Healthcare: Helena and Steve Lelew

G&M Healthcare: Helena and Steve Lelew supporting image

“We now have much more energy and more motivation to exercise.”

Trying to lose weight can be a slog, especially in the early days when carrying those extra pounds can make exercise all the more challenging.


That’s why Steve and Helena Lelew decided to get a head start, with the Alevere Therapy at G&M Healthcare. Dr Grace and her team are on hand throughout the process, providing a friendly, supportive and professional service.


“We’d lost weight in such a short space of time, and once we’d got down to our bassline weights it was easier to keep it up,” says Steve. “We now have much more energy and more motivation to exercise.”


Steve had tried diets and slimming groups in the past, and even a similar weight loss treatment five years ago, but the weight had slowly crept back on.


“I’m approaching 60 now and one thing that really motivated me was a few years ago when I went to an event with my twin brother. He weighed a stone more than me and someone said, ‘Is that your older brother?’ It was then I realised that being heavier can make you look much older.”

This time, Steve was more determined and committed than ever before. And doing the treatment and diet plan together with his wife, meant they were able to support each other to stay on track.


“I didn’t like the idea of a gastric band, but I wanted something with quick results, that would keep the weight off long term.”


“They do three things. First of all you have an ultrasound where they find and deal with those bits you can’t lose through exercise. Second, they use an LPG machine to give you a skin tightening treatment. They then give you vitamin supplements and instructions of what you can eat.


“Our therapists Sarah and Leyanne have been really nice and helpful. They’ve been on the plan themselves and it was reassuring to have regular check-ups once a week.


“We also saw Dr Grace at regular intervals, who was very thorough and informative about the programme. We had lots of tests and she explained why each stage of the diet was important.”


The whole process took 12 weeks, in which time, Steve had lost 3st 2lb and Helena had lost 2st. This meant Steve had gone down to 13st 2lb, whilst Helena was delighted to ditch her size 14 wardrobe in exchange for a slim size 8.


Now at what Steve calls their “baseline weights”, managing their diet has become much easier.


“I didn’t used to like vegetables, but after being weaned off the supplements, I actually craved them! Now we go to the supermarket and we know what a healthy trolley looks like, so it’s been a massive education too.


“I used to see slim people and think ‘I want to look like that’ and now I do. Helena says she feels like a new person. I actually came home the other day and was surprised to find her boxing. We’ve been getting so many compliments – I feel younger!”


And it’s not just their appearances and attitude to fitness that have changed. It’s improved their general health too.


“We feel more positive. Our cholesterols and blood pressures are both down, which is amazing!”


Despite being more motivated than ever to keep the pounds off, Steve says he still gets to give into temptation from time to time.


“When I’ve been low and started creeping down to the fridge, Helena will stop me. Although you can get away with the odd treat and bounce back.”


Looking back over his whole weight loss journey, would Steve recommend Alevere to other people?


“As long as you stay committed and fully embrace all of their advice, it’s well worthwhile. It’s nice to know that G&M do other treatments too, but neither of us want to go back to our old lifestyles now!” 


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