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Young twitchers on the look-out for Chesterfield's birds

Young twitchers on the look-out for Chesterfield's birds supporting image

Chestefield's schoolchildren are on the lookout for garden birds in the RSPB's Big Schools Birdwatch; Photgraph: RSPB Images

The RSPB big schools birdwatch lasts until 23 February

Chesterfield's youngsters are being urged to get involved with the world's biggest survey of wildlife.


The RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch is the perfect opportunity for school children to get outside, learn and make their first discoveries in nature. 


Blackbirds, house sparrows and robins are at the top of the checklist for hundreds of school children across South Yorkshire. 


The RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch nvolves children spending an hour watching and counting the birds that visit their outdoor space, before sending the results to the RSPB. 


Last year, more than 850 children and teachers in our region joined in. Woodpigeon was the most common playground visitor in the county and 96 per cent of schools spotted one during their watch. Blackbirds, magpies and robins all featured prominently in the results, and with over 70 different species recorded, there is sure to be a few surprises in schools around the region. 


Visit to take part in the Big Schools Birdwatch which is running until 23 February.