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Westside Financial: Car insurance savings

Westside Financial: Car insurance savings  supporting image

The latest from Graham from Westside Financial

No matter what age you are car insurances keep going up and never seem cheap. Here are seven great ideas to help seek the cheaper and better deals. 

1. Fully comp can beat third-party cover. Even though it's stronger cover, selecting comprehensive means in some insurers eyes see you as a lower risk.  

2. NEVER- never auto-renew or you'll likely be stung by your insurer. The quickest way to find lots of quotes quickly is via a comparison – it is a five to ten min job and can save you £100s.

3. Being on the electoral roll can drive down costs. Insurers do ID checks, mainly using the electoral roll. If they can't identify you, cover may cost more. Ensure you are on this as it effects your credit score and any credit you may need.


4. Legitimately tweak or alter your job title. Don't claim to be a waiter if you're a footballer, but tweaks can make you seem less risky. For example, change accountant to auditor. 

5. Try adding a responsible additional driver, eg, mums, dad. Insurers may see it as reducing the risk of claiming, especially useful for young drivers.


6. Don’t overestimate your mileage, or risk higher prices.


7. More than one car in the home? Try multi-car policies. Some insurers offer special discounts if you have more than one car. It works - I did it!


For more information, head to Westside Financial's Facebook page.  

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