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The Ultimate Commuter

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Specialized Creo SL E5 electric road bike

The Creo SL E5, from Specialized Concept Store, is perfect for that journey to and from work.

Has there been a better time to get on your bike? Cycling infrastructure is finally being taken seriously by councils and has never been safer. Beat the traffic and reduce the strain and risk on public transport by cycling to work. Who knows, you might find a new passion for life. 


If you’re looking for the perfect commuter bike, Specialized Concept Store recommend the Creo SL E5 electric road bike.

Perhaps the most vital part of an e-bike is the motor, as this will be what powers you up the climbs or kicks in on the flats when you need it. Specialized’s SL 1.1 motor has been specially designed and built for the Creo SL frames, meaning the E5 has the same technology as the more expensive models in its family. It’s so streamlined and light you can barely feel its presence when it’s not assisting.

It can put out up to 100 per cent assistance (up to a safe limit of 240 watts), which means that for every one watt of power you put through the pedals, the motor is capable of matching it. With that sort of backup, you’ll rarely run out of oomph, no matter the terrain.

There’s no point having a fantastic motor if it’s only going to last 10 miles and need recharging before your ride home Specialized’s SL1-320 battery is fully integrated in the down tube of the bike where it doesn’t stand out in the frame design. In addition it has an impressive range of 80 miles, with an additional 40 if you include our optional range extender (a kind of bonus, additional battery pack). That means even if you commuted 12 miles each way, you’d only have to charge it once a week.

It’s priced £4,499. To find out more, click here.

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