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Looking for some gardening advice?

Posted by: Hannah Sanders
Looking for some gardening advice?  supporting image

Renishaw Hall and Garden's Head Gardener David Kesteven offers up some tips

Tips to maintain and prepare your garden


The answer to gardening is to put down a generous helping of organic mulch in autumn. Now is the time to start finding horse manure, leaf mould, wood chips and recycled green waste so you can put it on your garden once summer is over.

Every year at Renishaw we put down about three to four inches of the compost on all the boarders to ensure the plants have a good foundation to grow.


It is also key to remember to water sparingly and never water your lawns. Water your flowers deep when you plant them and then leave them, as the organic matter in the soil will help keep the moisture in.


Tips for going eco-friendly


The biggest bane for many garden is slugs, and you can be eco-friendly and get rid of them by using ferrous sulphate pellets. The pellets immobilise the slugs, so put the pellets down liberally when you have a wet night forecast with a sunny day following.


Organic gardening tends to be associated with not using chemicals, but actually the words comes from adding organic matter to your soil. This is why it is important if you can to add organic mulch to your gardens. It is okay to use chemical - just use them sparingly and only when needed.


Tips for making the most of a small garden


Utilise plant pots - as they come in all shapes and sizes, and can fit in the smallest of spaces. Plant them with hardy annuals like marigolds, forget-me-knots and dahlias - if you can grow them from seed. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your plants, as they will tell you when they are ready for water.


You can also grow micro veg on your windowsill, and it is really rewarding to see what your hard work has done.   


So if you have some seeds, compost, organic slug pellets and a decent watering can or mister you really can create a beautiful garden no matter what space you have.

Gardening jobs for June/July and August


If you are growing roses, now is the time you should think about getting some fungicide for them if they had black spots previously. A healthy rose is lovely, so it’s important to keep on top of their appearance, so don’t forget to deadhead them too.


If you have climbers they want tying in now before they break. And, if that plant in your garden fell over last year, stake it now before it falls again because it will do. Also, as much as it isn’t a fun cut your grass often.


Good summer bulbs


Lilies are wonderful and you can probably still plant them now. They are great as different species either like a lot of shade while other like more sun, so you can tailor it to your garden.


Lillium Miss Feya are another great one to plant, long with Clematis. With Clematis, group three together as with their small flowers they look stunning. Plus you can chop them back each year. In small gardens it is key to plant things that can rejuvenate year on year.



Summer to-do list for beginners


- Grow annuals

- Deadhead regularly

- Weed regularly

- Cut the grass

- Get some nice comfy chairs in the garden so you can enjoy it

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