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Spring clean your social media

Posted by: Rachel Martin
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Why social media should be your business’ top priority in 2018

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) statistics, only 60 per cent of businesses are using social media. And those who use a professional blogs provide an even bleaker number at a mere 42 per cent, despite the myriad of benefits this can bring, including aiding SEO efforts and driving traffic.


Although small businesses would benefit the most from blogging, statistics revealed that only 38.9 per cent were doing so, compared to 80.4 per cent of companies with over a thousand employees. And in Britain, research has revealed that one in five businesses will not be investing in social media in 2018.


For small businesses, this statistic is even lower, standing at 57.6 per cent - compare this to enterprises with more than one thousand employees, where 90.3 per cent use social media. And even fewer small businesses link or reference their social media pages on their website, at only 49.5 per cent.


Yet, according to the ONS report, businesses across various sectors cited that they mainly use social media to develop the business image or to market products (23.2per cent stated this). With the second most common reason being to obtain or respond to customers’ opinions, reviews, and questions.


These are two vital reasons to be present on social networks, especially when you consider that 77 per cent of Twitter uses stated that they feel more positive about a brand when their tweet has been replied to. But if you still aren't convinced, here are six compelling reasons to utilise your businesses social media channels:


1. Deliver better customer service

Twitter is often a first port of call for many customers who have pre-sales or support related questions. Leaving customer questions to go unanswered makes a business look unprofessional, so it's crucial that you are visible on the social networks that your customers are using, and that you are regularly monitoring all of your channels for brand mentions and customer questions


2. Drive brand building and differentiation

Social media makes it easy to improve brand awareness and build your brands identity. You can effectively establish your brands personality and give your business a human voice that people can relate to. Connecting on an emotional level or showing some personality are both effective ways of helping your brand stand out from your competitors.


3. Increase trust in your business or brand

With so many alternatives to choose from, customers are often overwhelmed and want an easy way to authenticate a business that they are dealing with for the first time. Seeing that you are active on social media helps to fill potential customers with trust - it signals that you care about your customers and should anything go wrong, they can easily contact you.


4. Obtain real customer insights

Customer insights can drive the development of social media campaigns and shape strategic decisions, helping you to make your website content and product or service offerings more attractive and relevant to your customers. Social media makes it quick and easy for businesses to obtain feedback from customers, which will give you a clearer idea of brand sentiment and help you identify common pain points you can address.


5. Keep customers engaged

Social media is a great way of keeping your business or brand in the mind of your customers. This means you can actively influence purchasing decisions and helps to foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.


6. Drive website traffic

Social media as an SEO ranking signal is increasing in importance. Being talked about and mentioned on social media is a positive signal that shows you are popular and have content worth sharing and talking about. This in turn drives Google to regard your website as being more authoritative, which is one of the many signals that helps your website rank better in organic SEO.

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