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Airmaster: Make winter warmer

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Keep your heating and air con systems in good condition and you'll reap the benefits, says Airmaster's Ian Fisher

Ian Fisher, business development manager at Sheffield's Airmaster believes that with winter on the horizon it’s important to keep your systems well maintained, as they will use less energy than one where maintenance has been neglected. 


If you are looking for some top energy saving tips this winter, the team at Airmaster have you covered.


Do you know what is installed in your home or building and how to use it?

- Start by reading any information available on operations and maintenance of the equipment.
- Try to understand the building design parameters- the use of space may have changed over time.
- Air conditioning systems can provide efficient heating as long as they are clean and in good working order. You can save up to 40 per cent of your heating energy bill by running air conditioning as a heat pump instead of radiators.


Have you checked the timer settings on the air conditioning and thermostat?
- Set up a regular review of the time schedules for the air conditioning and heating.
- Significant savings can be made by turning the system off early, especially at the end of the day.


Are your systems well-maintained?
- A system that is well looked after uses less energy than one that has been neglected.
- Modern or complex systems use air to air heat recovery systems including wheels, heat exchanges or run round coils. Check each section and make sure they are clean and in good working order.


Is the thermostat being constantly changed?
- Everyone has a comfortable temperature, however constantly turning up and down a thermostat can waste a lot of energy. Try putting thermometers in different parts of a room to help work out the actual room temperature before you decide if any adjustments are needed.


Do you need a system temperature lock?
- Don’t let users turn the heat right up, then turn it down or off when they feel like it. This doesn’t heat your space any fastest and instead results in excessive and expensive energy use. Consider setting system locks to prevent over-heating or over-cooling settings.


Did you know at home it’s cheaper to close the curtains and turn the light on in winter?


You will lose around 100W to 300 Watts of heat through each window or glass door when it’s freezing cold outside compared to a light bulb which is around 14 Watts these days.

So close curtains on unused rooms as much as you feel comfortable with at home to keep the heat in, and, if possible buy and fit thermal curtains and put them up during winter as these work a treat - costing £30, you could get pay back on the first winter from every set you buy.


Head to for more winter warmer tips! 

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