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Bawtry Heritage Group proposal

Posted by: Sam Pegg
Bawtry Heritage Group proposal supporting image

Community Facility needs your Help and Support!

Last month it was outlined that the Bawtry Heritage Group (BHG) proposal to convert the disused toilet blocks on Gainsborough Road.

The proposal is to transform the toilet block into a Heritage Centre, including a community hub and a Changing Place Facility together with an accessible toilet.


To achieve these ambitious plans requires considerable community support and a credible grant application.


The project timing is unfortunate given the COVID-19 pandemic. They have however, identified a grant-making organisation which is inviting applications from new projects and they intend to make an application towards the end of the year. They are extremely hopeful of a positive outcome.


The major issue for them is that their grants are conditional on raising a level of ‘upfront’ monies by way of third party contribution.


To achieve this the BHG will be launching a crowd funding appeal towards the end of the summer. Monies can be donated in the way of cash at any stage or by a pledge of support.


Any monies raised will, in the first instance, go towards the required third party contribution but, thereafter and/or if the grant bid is unsuccessful, will go into the general project fund.


Any offers of voluntary support, be it labour or materials, will help to reduce the overall project cost and also the required contribution accordingly.


The other important aspect of the grant bid is the need to demonstrate community support and genuine need for the project. As well as benefiting a wide range of users they need to show that the project will make a positive impact on the local community and be totally inclusive. It is felt that the hub aspect and Changing Place Facilities will achieve this.


They are therefore looking towards all individuals and/ or community groups to show support for the project. Lastly, they will of course need voluntary help to run the facility on a similar basis to the network that already exists for the library. So, if you or your organisation are interested, please bear this in mind for an anticipated opening in late 2022.


 Benefits (Why is it needed?)

· Achieving a totally inclusive Centre, and town, with the associated Changing Place and other toilet facilities


· As one of only a few such facilities in the surrounding area, the Changing Place will be particularly beneficial both for people with profound disabilities to give them a new-found freedom to be able to visit Bawtry safely, as well as for parents with young children


· Provision of a safe, hygienic bathroom as a stopping point for parents/carers of severely disabled people when out on day trips


· Dissemination of information on the rich, largely unknown, history & heritage of the town


· Provision of information, education and learning which could also help with generation gap aspects through targeted meetings/talks


· The improvement of the visual appearance of the ‘ugly’ disused buildings at the ‘gateway’ to the town


· Improving the image of the town and, indeed, the entrance to South Yorkshire from the south and east


· Conversion of the buildings into community usable space


· Provision of quality toilet facilities for the town


· Provision of a focal point (‘hub’) for the community where people can meet and have a chat and a coffee


· Help with community ‘health & wellbeing’ aspects


· Encouragement of increased visitor numbers to the town


· Accommodate the ability for the display of local arts and crafts


· Facility for the provision of talks to school groups as well as sessions for all age groups


· Provision of voluntary work which is likely to be the more elderly/vulnerable members of the community who would benefit from interaction with others


· Provision of a meeting room for use by smaller community groups or individuals


Great Yorkshire Coffee Morning @ Bawtry Phoenix Theatre

The official launch of the crowdfunding campaign for the ‘Heritage Visitor Centre & Changing Place facility’ will take place at the Phoenix Theatre on Thursday 26 August.

It will be a ‘drop in’ event (5pm to 8pm) with a short formal launch session taking place at 5:30pm and all are welcome to pop along.  Although the project timing is unfortunate with the COVID situation, this ambitious project needs as much community help and support as possible if it is to be successful.


If you would like any further information and/or would like to offer your support in some way then please contact using the information below.

John Linsley 01302 374009 / David Kirkham 01302 710899

Message us or show your support on the Bawtry Heritage Group Facebook page

Email: bawtryheritagegroup@gmail.com





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