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Meet the cover star: Grace Goodwin

Meet the cover star: Grace Goodwin supporting image

Taking her cues from nature, Grace Goodwin's CityMag showpiece is as proud as a peacock

Tell us about your cover.

I've been wanting to do a peacock for a while now. They're very majestic. There’s such intricate detail in all of their plumage, so this is a brilliant excuse to draw out and exaggerate every element.

I used Copic markers to do my base colours, and then added shading and details and any other general smartening up, digitally in Photoshop. 

I've been focusing a lot on animals and wildlife lately, particularly working on birds and feathers. I like subjects that give me opportunity to really play around with forms, pattern and colours. A peacock is a perfect excuse to pack all of those things in.



What’s your background?

I grew up in Rotherham, and have always had a huge love for art and drawing. I spent quite a lot of my time drawing so luckily I've always known which kind of direction I wanted to go in. I took art as an A level, and went on to do illustration at the University of Derby, before returning home early to complete my graphic design/illustration degree here at Sheffield Hallam. 


How would you describe your style?

Tough question really, since I’m still discovering all of that myself. I really like to make my designs as bold and colourful as possible, and while I usually have visual references I never stick too closely to reality. I love doing very illustrative flowing pieces. A lot of people say they would like my drawings as tattoos so that’s a good thing I suppose.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a hummingbird currently for a tattoo design, and a giraffe piece, although I have an ongoing list of ideas and new pieces I want to try. I’ve also just managed to get my website up and running which is exciting.


Have you done any commissions?

I've done a couple, not too many to keep me nearly busy enough. I’ve mainly done design work for musicians, such as local band Sabella and even for the likes of Joe Green and his drumming school. 

I've done pet portraits, couple portraits, tattoo designs as well as hand painted drum skins and even wellingtons, but I'm always up for new work and eager to take on a project. 


What is your inspiration?

Animals and nature have always been a huge passion of mine, and these tend to be one of my biggest influences within my pieces. There's so many textures and patterns to get inspiration from, nature’s done all the work and got it all covered really. 


Which other artists do your admire?

Funnily enough, one of my favourite artists is the Sheffield based artist, Phlegm. I am in absolute awe of the level of detail in his pieces, and his bold black and white style. There’s always something new that you hadn’t noticed before every time you look at his work. Phlegm’s work is someone’s I could never tire of. 

The illustration, and general work, of Tim Burton has always been a huge inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. There’s a dark, kookie feel to every element in his work. He seems to be able to capture the creepiest of concepts in these whimsical ways, which something that’s always been fascinating to me.

Jamie Hewlett is one of my favourites too. His characters possess this believable grit and character, in such a seemingly effortless way. He’s got some real original ideas!

But I have respect and admiration for plenty of people who have put time and practice into their craft, so it’s difficult to narrow it down to just a few artists.


What would be your dream project?  

In my final year of university, I wrote and illustrated a children's book about a great white shark who just wanted to make friends so I'd love to illustrate another book. I like getting quite invested in drawing characters.

Either that or something on a larger scale. I’ve only had a couple of opportunities to paint something large scale on a wall, so it’s something I’d love to explore and see where I could take it. 


What does the future hold?

Creativity! I have just got my new website launched, so I'm really hoping to be able to throw myself into keeping new material coming and building from there. I’ve got a list as long as my arm of ideas and things I want to try so I know I’ll keep myself busy.


How would you describe the art/design scene in Sheffield?

Vibrant! There's such a diverse scene here for artists to display their creations, be it on the city walls themselves or show casing at a venue. There's always opportunity to get involved, get your hands dirty and showcase your work somewhere in Sheffield. And it really shows too, smaller businesses and other creative minds are always eager to help one another out. 


Find out more:

Instagram: @ GraceInvader



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