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Above the clouds

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Alex Dunigan of Orbit Media. Picture by Tom Kahler.

Orbit Media's drones are taking to the skies and capturing unbelievable high-definition images

Introduce your business…

Orbit Media has been operating since June 2015, working to capture moments from a completely unique perspective – above.

We use the very latest in drone technology to get the shots you didn’t think were possible, all in crystal clear ultra high definition.


Why are drones becoming so popular?

For years, helicopters have been used to get aerial shots but at a huge cost. These days the same images are caught using drones; not only that, but drones can do better by getting lower and closer and we have the ability to adjust them to much tighter angles for those magical shots.

Relatively speaking, drones are still the “new kid on the block” and individuals and industries are excited about how they can be used going forward.


What type of work do you cover?

To be honest, someone comes up with a new idea for using a drone almost every week, such as deliveries or even crop-dusting! We at Orbit Media stick to filming and photography (for the moment at least!). We can cover anything from promotional videos for industry; stills and videos for the real estate market; footage for insurance claims, right down to beautiful, panoramic shots for music videos.


Can anyone use a drone?

Yes and no; from a hobbyist point of view anyone can purchase a drone and use and enjoy it, however, as soon as they’re used commercially, certification from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is required. This is obtained by attending a ground school course culminating in both written and practical examinations and you are required to renew this accreditation annually.


Your view on the future of drone usage…

Drones are only just taking off…the sky is the limit (both puns intended).


What’s your best piece of work so far?

We’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with some great projects over the past 18 months but we were really thrilled to be invited back by Dan Walker to lend our skills in support of “The Walker Cup (not that one)”, a charitable celebrity golf day, raising money for The Sheffield Children’s Hospital. You can view it online at 

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