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Strength and flexibility

Posted by: Richard Abbey
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Whether you want to dance, run, walk, swim or climb mountains, staying active is just as important for our bodies as eating healthily, says Kathryn Danzey, in her book The Youth Plan.


I know that sometimes it can be hard to exercise, but we’ve all been designed to move, and endless studies have shown that our bodies go downhill pretty quickly when we’re inactive for long stretches. Of course, in between juggling relationships, children, hectic social lives or busy workdays, it can be difficult to squeeze in the time to work out.

Yet, you don’t need to pound a treadmill for hours at the gym to see results! Studies show that just 150 minutes – that’s two and a half hours – of moderate exercise a week can raise our life expectancy by five years.

That’s little over 20 minutes a day, and can be something as simple and as easy as pulling on your trainers and heading out for a powerwalk! Fairly tempting, isn’t it it? Especially when you consider the alternative.

Plus, when you throw in the fact that sitting for six or more hours a day can have a negative effect on the body (and, let’s face it, working in an office can easily see us do this), it’s more important than ever before to get moving to reduce the impact.


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