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Sleep and relaxation

Posted by: Richard Abbey
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So, just how do you ease into good sleeping habits and ensure you’re feeling rested, recharged and revitalised? Kathryn Danzey reveals all in her book, The Youth Plan.


Do you find yourself nodding off while you’re watching the TV, but then lying awake for hours when you do finally clamber into bed? Tossing and turning, you’re still awake three hours later and in desperate need of a trip to the loo. And that’s then followed by another hour of tossing and turning!


If this sounds like you, then, come the morning, chances are that you’re exhausted, grumpy and sluggish when the alarm goes off. In fact, you may well feel even more tired than you did before you went to bed, and I’ll bet that you often hit snooze on the clock, too!


The thing is, we need to prioritise sleep every bit as much as we do exercise and healthy eating. You see, good quality sleep lets our body recharge and heal, and it also has an anti-inflammatory effect – this is why bad sleep patterns leave us more susceptible to infection and can lead to inflammation.


The Yoga Circadian Rhythm could be the secret to fantastic sleep and relaxation…


Read more in The Youth Plan by Kathryn Danzey. Out now priced £14.95.