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Secrets to Natural Beauty

Posted by: Richard Abbey
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The Rejuvenated programme, Kathryn Danzey explains, is truly unique because we take the perfect sprinkle of nutritious foods and combine it with your lifestyle to help you to appear more youthful. Yet, even though challenging your current diet and lifestyle can bring you boundless energy, glowing skin and that lean body you’ve always wanted, we can go one step further.


The Rejuvenated products are the result of years and years of research, and we are incredibly proud of them. All along, I wanted to create multi-tasking, ‘beauty from within’ supplements, which are designed to boost your body from top-to-toe. Brimming with goodness, every product will bring you noticeable results, but when you weave all of them into your life…well, that’s when the magic happens!


Each of the products within the Rejuvenated range can boost both inner health and outer beauty, all while delivering long-term solutions and benefits. What’s more, they’re totally natural, and come without added sugars, fillers or artificial sweeteners. Plus, with the exception of Collagen Shots and Veggiecol, all products are suitable for vegans, while Veggiecol is also suitable for vegetarians.


Collagen Shots® is our hero product! A hydrolysed marine collagen drink, it’s also multi award-winning, and packs an almighty youth-boosting punch – it contains 10,000mg of collagen per serving.


Our formula was created to include the highest clinically tested amount of amino acid peptides, which our bodies use to stimulate the production of fibroblasts and collagen.


Read more in The Youth Plan by Kathryn Danzey. Out now priced £14.95.