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Pancake Day: How do other countries celebrate Shrove Tuesday?

123Pancake Day: How do other countries celebrate Shrove Tuesday?  supporting image

How do you eat yours? With lemon, strawberries, sugar or chocolate? Or all of the above? Pancake Day is a big thing in the UK, and is celebrated mostly with your usual flat, round pancake with some added goodies in the middle.


But how do the rest of Europe celebrate?  


Spain – ‘día de la tortilla’

The Spanish enjoy dia de la tortilla instead of Pancake Day. Usually, an omelette is eaten with sausage or other pork related food.


omelette 800x500


Madeira, Portugal – ‘Terça-feira Gorda’

On the island of Maderia, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated by deep frying egg sized balls of dough and coating them with sugar. They're called malasada, and they look divine! 


Malasada 800x500


Denmark & Norway – ‘Fastelavn’

The Scandinavian countries celebrate Fastelavn by eating semla, a sweet roll often filled with cream.

Just look at it!


semla 800x500


Poland – ‘Tlusty czwartek’

The polish celebrate ‘Fat Thursday’ by munching Paczki, a pastry similar to doughnuts. Paczki are topped with a hint of orange zest, and look delicious!


paczki 800x500



Estonia – 'Vastlapäev'

Estonia Shrove Tuesday consists of pea soup and semla (like the Scandi countries). Pea soup!


estonian pea soup 800x500



Finland – 'Laskiainen'

Shrove Tuesday, and in some quarters, the mid-winter sliding festival. Finland is another country where eating pea soup is the tradition, however, they do get stuck into some semla too! 


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