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Let’s hydrate!

Posted by: Richard Abbey
123Let’s hydrate! supporting image

While it may not seem all that important, simple, wonderful water is the very cornerstone of our lives – we simply can’t live without it. Water is our body’s most important nutrient, and is actually 50-70 per cent of our body weight.


Because of this, low-levels of fluid can cause inflammation in our bodies, while chronic, long-term dehydration can trigger all sorts of diseases. Yet, in spite of this, many of us don’t drink anywhere enough of this precious nutrient, even though it’s so freely available – all we have to do is turn on the tap!

Focus on getting into healthy drinking habits. You could start your day by drinking water as soon as you get up, or perhaps you could sip on a hot water with a squeeze of lemon. Whatever you do, aim to drink some more!

If you’re a caffeine addict, then don’t worry – there’s an easy solution for you, too! If you normally boil the kettle for endless cups of tea and coffee, aim to substitute every alternate one with a glass of water, or try switching to herbal and fruit teas, instead. Both your body and skin will soon be reaping the rewards!


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