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Inspirational wartime tale offers help for heroes

Posted by: Adam Kay
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‘Painted With Pride’ has been a hit with readers across the globe

Christmas is a time for giving as well as receiving – a fact one Derbyshire author knows all too well.


Malcolm Leary’s book ‘Painted With Pride’ is about the remarkable Sheffield socialite who set up a charity to help soldiers wounded in World War I.


Inspired, Malcolm is donating proceeds from the sale of his book to Help For Heroes, the modern-day charity that supports injured veterans.


But more than just a gesture of goodwill, Malcolm’s book tells a tale that’s sure to entertain well beyond the festive season.


The socialite in question was Annie Bindon-Carter, a charismatic lady who moved in high-society circles. She had a keen interest in art, which was later to form the basis of her charity work.


Wanting to help servicemen injured in WWI, Annie came up with an innovation: a way of attaching paintbrushes to the stumps of amputees. She then set the men to work creating patterns on clothing and upholstery, which were sold to Annie’s upper-class friends and associates.


The company, Painted Fabrics, was a huge success, even attracting the attention of royalty. In the process, it helped to rehabilitate dozens and dozens of soldiers.


‘Painted With Pride’ (ISBN: 978-1-907998-22-5) draws on Malcolm’s own research from contemporary sources about Painted Fabrics, held by Sheffield Libraries. Funny and touching in equal measure, it’s a real page-turner.


The book has received rave reviews, and Malcolm has also been in demand on radio, making several appearances on Rony Robinson’s much-loved BBC show. ‘Painted With Pride’ has even found fans in South Africa, with Malcolm signing copies for students fascinated by this inspirational story.


If you’d like to find out what all the fuss is about – and help a very worthy cause in the process – order ‘Painted With Pride’ from Amazon today.