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Dip in

Posted by: Richard Abbey
123Dip in supporting image

Celebrate International Carrot Day with this cocktail with a twist, from JJ Goodman’s Kitchen Cocktails: Recipes of the London Cocktail Club.


For this recipe, taken from the Retox chapter in the book, JJ has taken all your favourite veggie dipping sticks and whizzed them into a delicious savoury smoothie with a hint of chilli. It’s long, refreshing and full of flavour, but watch out for the chilli, it’s easier to add than to take away when mixing drinks!

Another butt-kicking source of antioxidants, carrots are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B8, pantothenic acid, folate, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese. They also pack a ton of vitamin A, which is believed to improve night vision, so if your lifestyle is becoming increasingly similar to that of a vampire, throw a few of these back before the day is out.

“Though I love my vegetables, I didn’t always. I was shocked when I first tried juices from raw carrot, celery and cucumber as they were almost nothing like the raw vegetables I once despised. So if you’re worried that this drink isn’t for you, I do recommend blitzing and trying a few out, you may go on to love them as much as I have,” said JJ.



100g carrot

50g celery

50g cucumber

A little chopped chilli

50g red pepper

5g coriander

100ml spring water

20ml runny honey

20ml lime juice



Blend all ingredients with three ice cubes for 1 minute, then strain through a sieve into a kilner jar.


Kitchen Cocktails: Recipes of the London Cocktail Club, priced £25.