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A Brilliant performance for Dipna

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Dipna Anand's book Beyond Brilliant has proved to be a sell-out

Sellout. It’s a word we hear often at RMC Media and it never fails to please us.


That’s because it means yet another client has sold every copy of the cookbook we produced for them. The latest to join this happy band is Dipna Anand, whose debut book was based on the Brilliant restaurant in Southall, London.


Entitled, appropriately enough, ‘Beyond Brilliant’, the book has met with an enthusiastic reception from buyers as well as cementing Dipna’s reputation as a noted cookery writer and authority on Indian food.  


The book received wide media coverage at the time of its launch and saw Dipna go on to make regular television appearances.   Whilst a sellout is great news, you don’t need to ransack the bookshops to make money. Our projects are carefully crafted to produce returns after less than half of the print run is sold.


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